San Vito, Costa Rica

Visit San Vito and get to see this European agricultural colony in Puntarenas province, Costa Rica

San Vito, Costa Rica
San Vito
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San Vito city must be one of your reference points if you want to know some of the most important natural reserves in the South Pacific area, in Costa Rica. Located in the Coto Brus Canton, in this city you will have the chance to visit Las Cruces Biological Station and the Wilson Botanical Garden.

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San Vito is a privileged city due to its location, since it is situated in the amazing Talamanca mountain range and surrounded by the Java river. This position gives it a charming atmosphere, since here you will have the opportunity to admire some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, which are embellished by their lush forests and the impressive mountains that surround the town.

Nonetheless, the true attractiveness of this city is that the entrance door to the striking La Amistad Biosphere Reserve is located here. This park, with its 472,000 ha, is one of the most relevant parks in Costa Rica, and offers the opportunity to explore its thick forests and know the fauna and flora inhabiting there.

Thus, if you seek to explore the wildest, purest nature in your visit to southern Costa Rica, San Vito stands as an unavoidable place.

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Coto Brus Canton, Puntarenas province, Costa Rica.

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