Parrita, Costa Rica

Enjoy a unique experience during your vacation in the Parrita canton, in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Parrita, Costa Rica
© Roberto Fernández-Morales

The Parrita canton is located in the Puntarenas province, in the shore of the Costa Rican Central Pacific, in the east limit of the Quepos canton and in the west limit of Garabito. The main city of the canton is Parrita, which is a district on its own.

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Tourism in Parrita
Playa Esterillos, Parrita
© Roberto Fernández-Morales
Beaches in Parrita
Beaches in Parrita
© Leonardo Del Prete

The name of the canton has its origin in a popular tale: a madame called Rita had a business in this place, and she constantly received orders from customers. The workers who noted down the orders were told “esto es pa Rita” (‘this is f’ Rita’), which is equivalent to “esto es para Rita” (‘this is for Rita’) in accurate Castilian. This is where the name “Parrita” comes from.

The economy of Parrita is mainly based on the agricultural production of the African oil palm for exportation, pineapple, banana tree, melon, watermelon and rice, thanks to the short but mighty Parrita river, which crosses this coastal valley and sweeps along the sediments that improve the quality of the surrounding lands.

Tourism also takes an important role in the economy of Parrita, being one of the cantons with highest growth in Costa Rica because of new tourist projects, hotel areas and sublime beaches like Esterillos Beach, a crossing point towards Manuel Antonio beaches and other beaches of Quepos, its neighboring canton. Nevertheless, although this extraordinary place is full of impressive landscapes and beautiful beaches, this canton is a minor tourist attraction compared to its neighboring cantons, Garabito and the previously mentioned Quepos.

A popular festivity of Parrita, called “Festival de las Mulas” (Mules Festival), takes place every February and includes concerts, food sales, exhibitions, tope, bullfighting and the traditional race of mules.

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Parrita canton, Puntarenas province, Costa Rica.

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