Cano Island, Costa Rica

Find out the amazing coral reefs and humpback whales in Cano Island, in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica

Cano Island, Costa Rica
Cano Island
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The Cano Island, or Cano Island Biological Reserve (so declared in 1978), is a little island located about 20 km from Bahía Drake Bay and, approximately, 16 km from the Osa Peninsula, in Puntarenas province. This lovely little island of the South Pacific was initially included as an extension of the Corcovado National Park, until it was separated from the park in the year 2006.

Cano Island, Cantón de Osa
Isla del Caño, Cantón de Osa
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This biological reserve is an attractive tourist destination thanks to its sublime beaches with amazing coral reefs and the striking marine life which is formed by stingrays, dolphins, sea turtles, whales and a huge variety of fish.

In the land area, there are remnants of the stone spheres created by ancient indigenous civilizations, and the limited diversity of fauna is to be noted; that is, the absence of numerous native animals from the rest of the country, with only sixty nine animal species in the island, which include thirty one bird species, four amphibious species, nine reptile species and five mammal species.

This island, added to the well known Osa Peninsula, is an ideal place for the observation of humpback whales and their breeding, which arrive during the months between August and November. If you would like to see this incredible spectacle of nature, September and October are suitable dates, since those are the most rainy months.

It is highly recommended not to touch the coral reefs which are present in this beautiful island in case of going scuba diving, because those are colonies of very small animals, and by just touching a part of the coral out of curiosity, a whole colony could be killed, and hundreds of years would go by until the structures which can be seen nowadays were formed again.

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Osa Peninsula, Puntarenas province, Costa Rica.

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