Limón, Costa Rica

Visit the city of Limón, Costa Rica, and enjoy the best Afro-Caribbean atmosphere of the country

Limón, Costa Rica
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Limón, home of the Afro-Caribbean culture, was built in 1870 when people constructed a harbour to export banana trees and other grains from Costa Rica. Puerto Limón is one of the oldest cities in the world, and it was settled down after Christopher Columbus’ New World Conquest.

Limón, Caribe
Parque Vargas, Limón
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Tourism in Limón
Tourism in Limón
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Although it is not a touristic region, and since 1991 has declined due to an earthquake, there, you can find a completely different atmosphere, which will show you an absolutely Caribbean world with it’s own dialect, the mekatelyu, that will make you discover more things beyond this beautiful Costa Rican city. Puerto Limón is the perfect village to taste Costa Rican cuisine, where you can eat incredible Costa Rican traditional food.

Not only the Ethnohistory Museum of the City of Limón is very important, because it shows this province’s history, but also its harbour is crucial as there arrive a number of cruises, while its street markets offer the chance to buy fresh products and wooded souvenirs. Vargas Park is a must-see, an impressive environment with a beautiful architecture, that gives people the opportunity to walk through a little wood located in the city centre.  

But in Limón you can go hiking in primeval forests, visit mangroves or high mountain areas, because this Caribbean region has an unparalleled geographic diversity.

Visit this wonderful coastal city during Columbus Day to celebrate its magical carnival; you can rent a bike and go through the nature that surrounds the city, wet your feet in its rivers or get dirty on its tracks. Limón is a place that must be felt and experienced to really understand its beauty.

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