Costa Rican Drinks

Don’t miss the chance to taste the amazing and delicious mix of savours of the exotic Costa Rican drinks

Costa Rican Drinks
Costa Rican Drinks

Tasting the popular and delicious Costa Rican cocktails is one of the things that you should not miss the opportunity to do during your stay in the country. Costa Rican cocktails have become a benchmark for the world’s catering industry because its characteristics are worthy of global recognition.

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Costa Rican cocktails are made with a hundred percent of native products like fresh fruits, spices and alcohol, which make them the tastiest cocktails that you will ever try.  Among the products used for elaborating this cocktails we can find fruits such as pulp of pumpkin, lemon, orange and pulp of Costa Rican guava and a wide variety of vegetables.

But the leading product used in cocktails is, for sure, their local tempting and strong alcohol, which gives a unique savour to the drinks. The most popular liquor is guaro, worldwide known as Cacique, which is a moonshine extracted from the big sugar plantations.

Among the large array of cocktails Costa Rica has, some of the most typical ones are Yokas, Mozote Sour, Yukoko and Mop. If you travel to Costa Rica, don’t miss the chance to taste Costa Rican delicious cocktails.


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