Accommodation in Costa Rica

Explore different, cheap accommodation offers to simply and easily plan your stay in Costa Rica

Accomodation in Costa Rica
Accomodation in Costa Rica
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Costa Rica has a wide variety of accommodation types, where you can stay and discover other beautiful places.

- Hotels: there are hotels that can be suited to your preferences in all the Costa Rican cities with an average price that ranges between $10 and $30 per person and day. All of them are well equipped with air conditioner, television, and a clean bed. You must take into account that only a few hotels have double beds (except superior class ones), so, if you want one, you will have to pay the “double bed tax”. Make sure the price includes all taxes, that are a 16% and another additional 3% from the “sojourn tax”.

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Hotel In Costa Rica
Hotel In Costa Rica
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- Lodges and inns: if you want to visit the rural areas, it is better to stay in some of the country’s lodges and inns as they are cheaper than hotels. However, their bedrooms are smaller, and its quality is quite poor so it is advisable to check them before booking.

- Bungalows: it is the typical accommodation in coastal areas with some motel’s characteristics in relation to prices and facilities. Take into consideration that bedrooms are annexed to the main building but away from it.

- Camping: this is the best option to spend your holidays in Costa Rica if you like being in touch with nature. Camping is very popular in the country, and, generally, you can camp in most beaches and fields. However, it is advisable to ask first the residents if you can do it in order to avoid inconveniences. Besides, there are private campings with more and better facilities like running water, bathrooms, laundry services… You must take into account the three basic camping rules in Costa Rica: first, never let your tent unsupervised; second, do not let your tent open as there are insects or snakes that can hide inside it; and third, take away your rubbish to keep the environment clean.   

- Family houses: if you want to discover the real traditional life and practise your Spanish, the best option is to stay with a family. This modality is mostly organised by language schools, and the price is about 550$ including food and laundry.

When booking, you must take into account that Costa Rica’s peak season takes place from November to April, especially in Christmas, New Year’s Day and Easter, so it is advisable to make your bookings with anticipation using email or fax. If you are required to pay in advance, make sure you ask for a receipt.

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