Central Pacific, Costa Rica

Discover the Central Pacific area and get to know this incredible place in Costa Rica

Central Pacific, Costa Rica
Central Pacific
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Central Pacific is the smallest of the six regions in which the Republic of Costa Rica is subdivided. It is formed by the cantons of Garabito, Quepos and Parrita, which belong to the Puntarenas province, located respectively along the Costa Rican shore.

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Tourism in Central Pacific
Tourism in Central Pacific
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Puntarenas, Central Pacific
Puntarenas, Central Pacific
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The climate of the Central Pacific region has temperatures up to 34 ºC and minimum ones that, very rarely, go under 20 ºC; thus, it is a quite warm tropical climate, as it is a transition from tropical dry forest to tropical rainforest.

Its very irregular geography is provided with narrow coastal plains and with rather torrential short rivers, as the Grande de Tárcoles River, which belongs to the Parrita canton.

Central Pacific enjoys a high tourism rate, being a highly demanded destination  by those tourists that are looking for sunny weather. Come and get to know the incredible and majestic landscapes of its shore and interior.

The most tourist attractions are, generally, located in the province of Puntarenas, in the Quepos canton, where you will find one of the most beautiful protected natural parks, the Manuel Antonio National Park; in addition, you will discover wonderful places in the Garabito canton, as the city of Jacó or the Carara National Park.

The Central Pacific economy is based on agriculture, that is, rice, corn, banana tree and oil palm or African palm farming. Many fishing activities are also carried out there, being the Quepos harbor or the Puntarenas harbor some of the most important ones in the country.

Nevertheless, its main attractions are its incredibly astounding beaches, where you will enjoy its very varied types of waters and play different water sports.

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