Rent a car in Costa Rica

Meet the best way to rent a vehicle in Costa Rica, save money and discover some basic and helpful advices

Car hire in Costa Rica let you discover those small distant places where the public transport does not reach or doesn’t do it regularly. Thus, you can enjoy a greater freedom of schedules, without having to be tied to buses, letting you enjoy your stay in this amazing country with greater peace. Before it, you should take into account the advices and recommendations that we give to you.

You would have to know that Costa Rica is a right-hand drive country where you could drive with your national or international driving licence. Remember that you should show always your passport with a mark when entering the country and that it is recommended to avoid driving at night. Also, to minimise road risks you must not keep valuables in plain sight inside your vehicle when parking, and in the case of getting fined by a police officer, never give the money to him but collect the penalty fee in order to pay it in any bank office.

Finally, if you have an accident with a rented car, you should not move it and quickly contact with the Emergency Service (911) or the Red Cross (128).

You would enjoy a calm and safe driving in Costa Rica if you follow these helpful tips that will make it a unique and unforgettable destination to spend your holidays.

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