Palmar, Costa Rica

Come to Palmar and enjoy the stunning nature of its mountain and the Sierpe river, in Costa Rica

Palmar, Costa Rica
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Palmar, second district in Osa Canton, is well known in Costa Rica for being one of the greatest banana producers. However, apart from this, it is distinguishable for some of its tourist attractions.

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Tourism in Palmar
Tourism in Palmar
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Palmar must be an obligatory part of your journey if you wish to know more about its first settlers’ history. Also, the prominent Esferas de Piedra park is located in this district. In the foregoing park, you will admire and touch the amazing pre-Columbian stone spheres, which were designed and built by the Diquís natives. Nonetheless, the park is not the only place where you will see these stones, since a huge amount of them are spread throughout almost every part of the territory in the district, especially, in the banana plantations. If you want to see this plantations you only need to nicely ask some workers to show them to you, which can also be a form of interacting with the locals and know their work. Regarding the spheres, it is believed that they were created to represent the constellations and planets. There are stones of every size, the smallest being of 2 cm diameter, approximately, and some of the biggest being up to 2 m.

Conversely, Palmar city is divided by the Térraba river: Palmar Sur and Palmar Norte. The airport is in Palmar Sur, although Palmar Norte is the service center, where you will find hotels to stay at, restaurants and the big bus companies which connect this place with the entire country. It cannot be disregarded the fact that Palmar Norte is washed by the amazing Uvita Beach, a quiet beach where you can relax and have a refreshing bath in its crystal-clear waters.

In addition, Palmar has the San Pedrillo station, which is the entry to the incredible Corcovado National Park. Palmar is also the best starting point to visit Bahía Drake and the Cano Island Biological Reserve. Here, some trips to these places are offered,which are carried out sailing by boat along the Sierpe river, which surrounds the village.

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Osa Canton, Puntarenas province, Costa Rica.

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