Esparza, Costa Rica

Discover one of the most beautiful cantons in Costa Rica, Esparza, and enjoy its natural richness

Esparza, Costa Rica
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Esparza is one of the cantons that form the Puntarenas province, located in the Costa Rican shore of the Pacific, between Puntarenas city in the north and Garabito in the south. In the Espíritu Santo district, we can find its main city, Esparza, where the most important marine harbor in the area of the Pacific in Costa Rica is placed, the Caldera Harbor.

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Tourism in Esparza
Tourism in Esparza
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Playa Bajamar, Esparza
Playa Bajamar, Esparza
© Roberto Fernández-Morales

The Esparza canton has a truly relevant past history, as it was founded by Spanish explorers in the year 1574. Besides, antique pre-Columbian chiefdoms were located in Esparza, including the kingdoms of the Garabito and Coyoche caciques, being the city of Espíritu Santo (Holy Spirit) one of the first Spanish populations founded during the Conquest.

This canton has a dry tropical climate towards a moist one, where temperatures reach 35 ºC. Regarding its geography, we should notice the mountainsides of Montes de Aguacate, vast plains covered by abundant vegetation, as well as the fantastic area of the shore; thus, its geography is rather diverse. In addition, it has many important rivers, being the largest ones the Barranca River and the Jesús María River, in addition to others like the Jabonal River and the Barranquilla River.

The Esparza canton is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Puntarenas province, as it has two preservation areas of great natural value: the Tivives Protection Zone and the Penas Blancas Wildlife Refuge. And, since Esparza has mainly been an agricultural village, it also has marvelous and remarkable rural settings.

Other attractions of this city are the Catholic Temple, from colonial times; the Calambache bridge, where the railway to the Pacific used to pass; or the market area, for the tourists and neighbors of the city to buy local Costa Rican products in fresh fruits and vegetables markets established on Saturdays in the city.

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Esparza canton, Puntarenas province, Costa Rica.

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