What to see In San José

Visit the beautiful capital city of Costa Rica, San José, and get to know the attractions that will amaze you

Parque Metropolitano La Sabana ParkParque Metropolitano La Sabana Park
Discover the green and leafy centre of Costa Rica, the amazing Parque Metropolitano La Sabana, in San José

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Parque Morazán ParkParque Morazán Park
Walk all along an iconic San José’s spot, the charming Parque Morazán, and discover its fabulous Music Temple

Parque Nacional ParkParque Nacional Park
Explore one of the most incredible, secluded spots of San José, the National Park, and visit its surroundings

Parque Diversiones ParkParque Diversiones Park
Come and visit the Parque Diversiones Park, in San José, and have an unforgettable time together with your family

Parque España ParkParque España Park
Stroll through the refreshing bamboo mangroves in the Parque España and meet the history of the Yellow House

Central ParkCentral Park
Discover the downtown of San José and the crowded Central Park while you walk along its surroundings

Parque Zoológico Simón Bolívar ZooParque Zoológico Simón Bolívar Zoo
Come and visit the wild and exotic Simón Bolívar Zoo, in San José, and discover its marvelous wildlife

Parque de la Paz ParkParque de la Paz Park
Enjoy the relaxation and the views in the Parque de la Paz and spend a perfect day in this nice and quiet place

Parque Okayama ParkParque Okayama Park
Meet one of the most visited places of San José, the Okayama Park, and discover its relation with Japan

Parque de la Merced ParkParque de la Merced Park
Walk about the leafy Parque de la Merced and go to the extraordinary Our Lady of Mercy Church, in San José

Mercado CentralMercado Central
Get into the labyrinth of narrow streets of Mercado Central and meet the real city of San José in depth

Mercado Borbón MarketMercado Borbón Market
Discover one of the most significant places of San José, Mercado Borbón, which breathes a friendly atmosphere

Casa AmarillaCasa Amarilla
Discover Costa Rica’s history at the Casa Amarilla, which nowadays houses the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Edificio MetálicoEdificio Metálico
Discover one of the most significant places of San José, Edificio Metálico, and its interesting structure

Universidad de Costa RicaUniversidad de Costa Rica
Meet the student life of San José in the Universidad de Costa Rica and have fun exploring its surroundings

Edificio Luis Ollé BuildingEdificio Luis Ollé Building
Admire the construction of the old department store Luis Ollé and the gold dome of this singular building

Former Atlantic Train StationFormer Atlantic Train Station
Discover the history of the Former Atlantic Train Station and admire historic photos at the San José Museum

Alianza FrancesaAlianza Francesa
Get to know another of the significant constructions of San José, the Alianza Francesa

Edificio Maroy BuildingEdificio Maroy Building
Go to the emblematic Maroy Building, historical architectural heritage, and part of the history of San José

Edificio Herdocia BuildingEdificio Herdocia Building
Discover one of the most emblematic corners of San José, the Herdocia Building, and admire its beauty

Biblioteca NacionalBiblioteca Nacional
Meet the largest collection of books and manuscripts of all Costa Rica in Biblioteca Nacional of San José

Iglesia de la MercedIglesia de la Merced
Visit one of San José’s most visited spots and one of the most iconic churches, the iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Merced

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad ChurchIglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad Church
Visit the beautiful and charming Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, in San José, and admire its fine architecture

Barrio Amón NeighbourhoodBarrio Amón Neighbourhood
Get into one of the most important and elegant neighbourhoods of San José, Barrio Amón, and meet its history

Distrito Escazú DistrictDistrito Escazú District
Stroll through the charming Distrito Escazú, in San José, and enjoy the traditional party of the Oxherds’ Day

Teatro NacionalTeatro Nacional
Enjoy Costa Rica’s dramatic arts attending to a performance at the Teatro Nacional, in San José

Teatro Melico Salazar TheatreTeatro Melico Salazar Theatre
Get to know the majestic and elegant Teatro Melico Salazar and enjoy some of its dramatic performances

Galería NacionalGalería Nacional
Immerse yourself into arts at the Costa Rican National Gallery, in San José, and enjoy its exhibitions

Teatro Auditorio NacionalTeatro Auditorio Nacional
Enjoy plays at the Teatro Auditorio Nacional, in San José, and discover this singular building

Centro Costarricense de Ciencia y Cultura CentreCentro Costarricense de Ciencia y Cultura Centre
Come and visit the Centro Costarricense de Ciencia y Cultura Centre, in San José, and enjoy learning with your family

Banco CentralBanco Central
Visit one of the most historic and varied museums in Costa Rica, the Banco Central of Costa Rica, in San José

Estadio NacionalEstadio Nacional
Come and visit the largest stadium of Central America, the Costa Rican National Stadium, in San José

Avenida CentralAvenida Central
Go for a walk by one of the most crowded and lively streets of Costa Rica, the Central Avenue of San José

Paseo ColónPaseo Colón
Discover the heart and soul of San José, Paseo Colón, and feel the Costa Rican motto “pure life”

Catedral Metropolitana CathedralCatedral Metropolitana Cathedral
Visit one of the most important architectural works of Costa Rica, The Metropolitan Cathedral, in San José

Plaza de la CulturaPlaza de la Cultura
Get to know the Costa Rican social epicentre of San José, Plaza de la Cultura, and meet the buildings around it

Plaza de la DemocraciaPlaza de la Democracia
Come, visit and relax at one of the most up-to-date places of Costa Rica, the Plaza de la Democracia, in San José

Bulevar Ricardo Jiménez BoulevardBulevar Ricardo Jiménez Boulevard
Discover Ricardo Jiménez Boulevard, which is surrounded by museums and cultural buildings, in San José

Plaza de la Libertad ElectoralPlaza de la Libertad Electoral
Discover Libertad Electoral Square, which is a memorial to Costa Rica’s democracy, in San José’s downtown

Castillo AzulCastillo Azul
Come and visit one of San José’s most symbolic buildings, the charming Castillo Azul and learn its story

Fuente Hispanidad FountainFuente Hispanidad Fountain
Discover one of the most emblematic fountains of Costa Rica's capital, the Fuente Hispanidad, in San José

Teatro Variedades TheatreTeatro Variedades Theatre
Enjoy an afternoon at the movies in the most of the Costa Rican styles at the Teatro Variedades in San José

Plaza Juan Mora FernándezPlaza Juan Mora Fernández
Discover one of most charming and lively squares of San José, the beautiful Plaza Juan Mora Fernández


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