Parque Morazán Park, San José

Walk all along an iconic San José’s spot, the charming Parque Morazán, and discover its fabulous Music Temple

Parque Morazán Park, San José
Parque Morazán Park
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The Parque Morazán (Morazán Park) is located in the El Carmen district, on the convergence among 5th Street and 9th Street, 3rd Avenue, and 5th Avenue. This park is one of the most important ones of San José. It is surrounded by some other must-see places, like the emblematic Metal Building, the America House, the Maroy Building or the Spanish Park.

Parque Morazán, Costa Rica
Parque Morazán, Costa Rica
© Robert Bruce

Parque Morazán was built in 1887 and, at first, it was called La Laguna Plaza, though it was later renamed as Francisco Morazán Park, name of the Honduran general who was president of the country for a while, and afterwards, he was shot in the Principal Plaza, what is now the Central Park.

The main attraction of the park is the Temple of Music. This monument is the work of the Costa Rican world-famous architect and artist José Francisco Salazar, built in 1920 with a neoclassical design is an exact replica of the Temple of Love and Music of Versailles. You can contemplate the bust of the selfsame Morazán, as well as the statue honouring Simón Bolívar, America’s Liberator.

There are also other busts and monuments in honour of other representative figures of Costa Rica and South America: the bust of the ex-president Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, the statues of Julio Acosta and Daniel Quirós (the latter, a work of the national artist Olger Villegas), the bust of Mauro Fernández Acuña, Homeland Liberator, and the bust of Bernardo O'Higgins, Chile’s Liberator.

Parque Morazán is characterised for being an ideal place where taking a breather as you can find the comforting and cool shades of tabaibas (called “trumpet trees”) and a place to have a pleasant rest.

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7th Street and 3rd Avenue, in El Carmen district, San José.


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