Barrio Amón Neighbourhood, San José

Get into one of the most important and elegant neighbourhoods of San José, Barrio Amón, and meet its history

Barrio Amón Neighbourhood, San José
Barrio Amón Neighbourhood
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Walking through the famous Barrio Amón (Amón Neighbourhood) is essential if you want to know an important part of the history of San José. This neighbourhood is located between 9th Street and Central Street, and between 7th Avenue and 13th Avenue. It is one the richest and finest architectural complexes of the capital.

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Barrio Amón, Costa Rica
Barrio Amón, Costa Rica
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The old residential neighbourhood differentiates from others because it is composed of historical houses dating from the late 19th century and the early 20th century. It is a clear archetype of the tropical neo-Victorian architecture typical of Costa Rica. One such example is the wooden houses with low height and large balconies.

The neighbourhood was founded in 1890 by the coffee-grower businessman Amón Fasileau-Duplantier, who was involved in a significant part of the capital's growth. It was a consequence of the new socio-spatial organization of the Costa Rican capital as families from San José’s minor aristocracy settled there and contributed to build this beautiful neighbourhood.

Barrio Amón can boast many attractions. Amongst them, the walls of the stretch stand out and are located between 3rd Street and 7th Street, where they are represented traditional scenes of Costa Rica in beautiful ceramic walls. These are works by the distinguished local artist Fernando Matamoros. Some of its attractions are the many important buildings located through its streets and avenues. Among them, the following ones stand out:

- La Casa Verde (Green House): It is a striking construction for the pine shingles that was built in 1910 and it is located on the corner of 5th Street.

- Don Carlos Hotel: It was the old residence of the president Tomás Guardia. It combines the Art Déco style with the neoclassical style and is located at 7th Street.

- In 980, 11th Street, there is a colonial mansion, characterised by a granite life-sized statue of a Costa Rican farmer.

- French-Costa Rican Alliance Building: It is an edifice with an eclectic style, typical of the country and with French Renaissance details, which is currently the headquarters of the French Embassy.

- Moro Castle: Also called “Amón Castle” or “Moro House” it was built in 1930 as the former bishop's palace and it is the most interesting one of the neighbourhood. It is important to highlight its Mudéjar style and the two towers, the two battlements and a central dome that are raised on the façade where you can also see illustrations of Don Quixote. Nowadays, it is a private house, so you can not see its interior.

In the last few years, Barrio Amón seems to have been rediscovered by the hotel and catering managers of the city, so it is a very lively place in which you can enjoy a nice walk and discover its many restaurants and cafeterias.

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Central and 9th Streets and 7th and 13th Avenues, in El Carmen District, San José.


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