Cathedral of Alajuela

Visit the cathedral with the biggest and tallest dome of Costa Rica in Alajuela and admire its beauty

Cathedral of Alajuela
Cathedral of Alajuela
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The precious Cathedral of Alajuela (Catedral de Alajuela) stands just behind Central Park. It is, at first sight, a prominent building due to its large facade and the fence surrounding it, both red.

Catedral de Alajuela, Costa Rica
Catedral de Alajuela
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In the 18th century, Alajuela’s closest parish was located in Heredia, and the surrounding villages’ inhabitants, who were extremely poor, could not afford the expenses for a weekly trip there. That is the reason why Nuestra Señora del Pilar Church was built, and after several remodelings made in the following centuries, Alajuela’s cathedral finally looked as it is today. In the late 19th century the works on the dome started, and nowadays, this big cupula is one of the most characteristic symbols of the city and one of Costa Rica’s biggest and tallest ones.

Its interior is impressive thanks to the precious paintings there and the beautiful wooden windows. The ceiling is decorated with scenes from the gospel, while the altar is located at the nave’s back, surrounded by marble columns. The cathedral’s decorations and distribution could seem strange to European visitors, since its ceilings are low, the nave is wade and its form is rounded.

More information:


Calle Central, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Opening hours:

The cathedral only remains open while masses are being hold and during confession hours.

Mass hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00h and 17:00h.
Saturday: 9:00h and 19:00h.
Sunday: 7:00h, 9:00h, 11:00h, 17:00h and 19:00h.

Confession hours:

Monday and Tuesday: from 09:00h to 11:00h and from 15:00h to 17:00h.
Thursday and Friday: from 09:00h to 11:00h and from 15:00h to 17:00h.
Saturday: 10:00h.

Admission price:

Free admission.

Telephone number:

(+506) 2441 4665


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