Parque General Tomas Guardia Park, Alajuela

Visit the pleasant Parque General Tomás Guardia and relax under the shadows of mango trees

Parque General Tomás Guardia, Alajuela
Parque General Tomás Guardia
© Esteban Cervantes Jiménez

Located in the downtown, Parque General Tomás Guardia (General Tomás Guardia Park), in Alajuela, is the nerve center in the city. It is also known as Central Park or Mangoes Park (‘Parque de los Mangos’). Alajuela’s inhabitants usually meet there to rest under the shadows of mango trees and to play draughts.

In the past, it was the city’s main square, where the street vendors established their stands on market days and social activities were held. But, due to the city’s lack of green spaces, it was decided that Central Park, designed by the Italian architect Rogelio Bernini in 1890, should be built there.

Nowadays, we can find a beautiful garden packed with mango trees and framed by the cathedral’s majestic facade. Its pattern is based on Italian Renaissance designs: a central fountain surrounded by radial-patterned paths, and the gardened areas styled in intricate geometrical designs. Taking the park as a central spot and the city’s center, several buildings with a huge historic and architectonic value were built surrounding it.

This park is the perfect starting point for a calm walk through the city’s main tourist attractions that can be seen are scattered in its vicinities. But, above all, it is the best place to enjoy the typical Costa Rican atmosphere and to interact with the city’s inhabitants, who usually meet there in the afternoons. Despite this, it is possible to find this park bustling at any time of the day due to the fantastic relief provided by the shadows of the mango trees, that are full of fresh fruits between March and April.

Cultural and artistic events are usually carried out inside the park. Every Sunday morning, a concert played by the local music orchestra, in addition to a craftwork fair, take place there, so this is the perfect day to stroll around and visit the many and varied stands.

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On the corner between avenida Central and calle Central, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

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