Reserva Indígena Keköldi Indian Reservation, Costa Rica

Discover Bribris and Reserva Indígena Keköldi during your journey through Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast

Reserva Indígena Keköldi Indian Reservation, Costa Rica
Reserva Indígena Keköldi Indian Reservation
© Roberto Fernández-Morales

Reserva Indígena Keköldi (Keköldi Indian Reservation) is one of the biggest reserves in Costa Rica which is located in Talamanca Mountain Range, close to Puerto Viejo. In this place, you can discover with a Bribri native guide, the most beautiful hidden places in the mountain which is an amazing place to enjoy the wonderful and luxuriant greenery of the country.  

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Reserva Indígena Keköldi, Puerto Viejo
Reserva Indígena Keköldi
© Roberto Fernández-Morales

Nowadays, there are more than 10000 bribris living in Costa Rica, which are an ethnic group that spread across the country and settled down before the Spanish colonization. Their habitat is composed of little villages with a few inhabitants as their main objective is being self-sustainment and they appreciate loneliness but, at the same time, they actively fight for nature’s protection and the introduction in the reservation of extinct fauna and flora species such as iguanas.  

Visiting these reservations is unforgettable as they let you enjoy the purest Costa Rican culture and discover the relationship among locals and nature. It is a unique experience that will make you understand the real Pre-Columbian Costa Rican culture, and, moreover, it will show you how this culture has been influenced now and then.

Do not lose the chance to discover the Bribri customs and culture as well as their hunting methods or particular houses that will let yourself surprised by this indigenous religion.

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Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Province of Limón, Costa Rica.


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