Parque Nacional Chirripó National Park, Costa Rica

Visit in Costa Rica Parque Nacional Chirripó, and enjoy its wonderful natural landscapes and amazing sceneries

Parque Nacional Chirripó National Park, Costa Rica
Parque Nacional Chirripó National Park
© Bolívar Rojas-Vargas

Created in 1975, Parque Nacional Chirripó (Chirripó National Park) was opened to protect its magnificent hydrographic network, its geological and geomorphological formations and its different habitats where several endangered species live while they are trying to reforest a special area, a moor that was devastated by fires and pasture.

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Sabana de los Leones, Costa Rica
Sabana de los Leones
© Carlos Alvarado Solis
Cerro Chirripó, Costa Rica
Cerro Chirripó
© Luis Manuel Madrigal Mena

Chirripó is located in Talamanca Mountain Range, and it belongs to three Provinces: Limón, Cartago and San José. Chirripó National Park has more than 123552.3 acres, where there are located the most beautiful and unique landscapes in the world. This place’s nature will let you agape as it compounds the perfect combination among rugged mountains and beautiful greenery. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this unique place where you will feel nature’s real essence.   

As an habitat of a number of flora and fauna endangered species, this Costa Rican wonder is formed by numerous ecosystems that will let you discover other different and incredible landscapes that form a peculiar place impossible not to admire.

The main reason to create this national park was its geology and geomorphology that present a great combination among volcanoes and glaciers, so you will enjoy the unique beautiful landscape of a scenery that was created millions of years ago, and now, you can enjoy while having one of the best experiences in your life.

Its hydrographic network is one of the main reasons to visit this magnificent place which has several river sources where water comes directly from inside the Earth and continues its way to the sea.

Once in Chirripó, you must visit Los Crestones, old volcanic pipes that now are viewing points to observe the spectacular landscapes; Los Conejos Valley, of 11482 ft high that many years ago was a glacier; Ditkevi Lagoon located in Los Conejos Valley, which has a depth of 22 ft and a size of 2.42 acres that creates an unique scenery; Los Lagos Valley with three lakes in the top of a hill of 11482.94 ft and a depth of 72.18 ft; and Chirripó Hill, the highest peak in the country and in the south of Central America which is 12532.82 ft high and constitutes the border between the different provinces that form the park, allowing a perfect view of the mountains.

Furthermore, you must visit Ventisquero Hill, a windy place that offers the best views of the country and from where you can observe the whole Costa Rican territory; Los Leones Savannah, a 10498.69 ft hill without trees and some little bushes; and ,finally, Las Morrenas Valley, where you will discover four big lakes and some little lagoons that make it a truly magical place.

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Provinces of Limón, Cartago and San José, Costa Rica.


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