Gandoca-Manzanillo, Costa Rica

Visit Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Shelter, and discover its incredible coral reef and beautiful wetlands

Gandoca Manzanillo, Costa Rica
Gandoca Manzanillo
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Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Shelter, located in Costa Rica, is an unique area where you will feel very comfortable.

It is a mixed shelter formed by 12358.4 acres of land and 11116.8 of sea that occupy the 70% of Costa Rica’s south Caribbean territory located among Limón and Sixaola, and the border with Panama.

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Gandoca Manzanillo, Caribe
Gandoca Manzanillo
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Tourism in Gandoca Manzanillo
Tourism in Gandoca Manzanillo
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In its more than 23475.2 acres, Gandoca-Manzanillo offers the chance to observe the 1043.2 acres’ best preserved coral reef in the south Caribbean coast, which has a great biodiversity and the only natural bank of oyster mangroves in the country.

On the hand, you can visit a number of rainforest tracts, an unique native greenery zone on Costa Rica’s south Caribbean area close to its marvellous wetlands. There, you can discover incredible lagoons and mangroves, which are part of the most important wetlands in the world, called RAMSAR. Moreover, it has a great variety of fauna species, some of them in danger of extinction such as the marine turtles that spawn their eggs in these paradisiacal white sandy beaches.  

Inside this reserve, you can practise multiple activities to discover its beauty: from tours with the aim of observing the turtle’s spawning (from February to May) to going by boat watching dolphins and diving into the coral reef. Furthermore, there are trips on foot, by horse and kayak while you also have the option of visiting the indian reserve.

All of these offers constitute a perfect combination between land, sea and culture while they create an unique atmosphere that attracts scientists and people from all over the world.

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7.80 miles to the southwest from Puerto Viejo, Province of Limón, Costa Rica.


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