Salsa Brava, Costa Rica

If you like surfing, then, enjoy Salsa Brava wave, the best one in the whole Costa Rican and Caribbean coast

Salsa Brava, Costa Rica
Salsa Brava
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Surf is very typical in Costa Rica as, due to its strategic geographical location, there are waves constantly. Therefore, like Peru, it is internationally known for its great waves.

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Thanks to its geographical location, Costa Rica has two different shores: the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Caribbean sea to the east which create one of the most singular and impressive waves in the world: Salsa Brava wave.

This wave, as experts say, is the typical hawaiian wave originated in deep waters and broken against the barrier reef. This creates an enormous wave, that moves a huge volume of water, Salsa Brava wave, which has a pipeline in the right margin and creates a surfing area in the left; the perfect experience with warm water.   

Salsa Brava is a dangerous wave which is not recommended to surf it if you are a beginner. It can be difficult even for experts, so it is advisable to surf it only if you are very experienced and, at least, you must have an extra surfboard.   

The best time to surf this wave is in December and January, when it is near 26 ft, although the rest of the year, this wave is also big.

Salsa Brava has an enormous power and a pipeline that, during daytime, it is able to create in Puerto Beach an atmosphere around itself. On the other hand, during night time, surrounded by the reggae music bar's atmosphere, it is when stories turn into legends, and legends are transformed in history.

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Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

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