Weather in Costa Rica

Discover Costa Rica’s changing weather and its different variations from one geographical area to another

Costa Rican tropical climate makes every time of the year adequate to travel to the country. Its average temperature is 22ºC (72 ºF) but it can increase considerably in coastal areas. Generally, its weather is warm and there are not many differences between day and night temperatures.

Weather in Costa Rica
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You must take into account that there are two different seasons in Costa Rica:

- Dry season, from December to April and

- Wet season, from May to November, when mornings are very sunny and afternoons rainy.

Although its little size, Costa Rica has a number of microclimates that combined with its spectacular landscapes add more attractiveness to your journey. This weather variations are caused by its location between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean and its complex terrain.  

The Atlantic or Caribbean coast is more rainy and wet than the Pacific coast, but its temperatures are higher. Specially, it is very rainy in La Osa Peninsula’s surroundings, in the Pacific Coast area. In Central and Guarco Valleys where the main city centres are located and the the majority of the country’s population lives; the temperatures are milder than in the coast’s. Enjoy the “everlasting spring” in San José with pleasant average temperatures of 20ºC during the whole year. In rainforest areas, the thermal sensation is quite cold, and in the highest peaks (Talamanca Mountain Range), sometimes temperatures can be very low.

For detailed information about the temperatures on the main touristic places, you should go to the official web page of the Costa Rican Tourism College

If you want to know the accurate forecast for the the next days, you should go to the official web page of Costa Rica’s National Meteorologic College

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