Taxi in Costa Rica

Get to know the best way to arrive at your destination by using the different kinds of taxis in Costa Rica

Taxi in Costa Rica
Taxi in Costa Rica

If you need to move around Costa Rica by taxi, you should know that there are many pirate taxis, that are not recommended to use because they do not have insurance. Look for the official ones that are red and have yellow triangle stickers on the door and on the roof, although if you are in the airport, take notice that the official taxis are orange.

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In the majority of communities and cities you can find taxis in the central squares, although you can also make a phone call in order to be picked up. In San José, the capital, you can call the number +506 4033 3414 to have access to this service.

Moving around Costa Rica by taxi is not the most affordable way to do it, so avoid journeys that will cost you huge amounts of money. Also, remember that you should always try to reach an agreement concerning the price with the taxi driver before getting into it.

There are also other ways of moving around the country, like taxi-jeeps or shared lorries, (lorries with passenger seats located in the back of the taxi and covered with a hood roof). These kind of transports are used to travel within unpaved roads or routes with difficult access because of the ground. Generally, they charge a fixed amount, without taking into consideration the distance.


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