Palo Verde National Park

Immerse yourself completely into the Costa Rican bird’s world in Palo Verde National Park, in Guanacaste

Palo Verde National Park
Palo Verde National Park
© Roberto Fernández-Morales

Palo Verde National Park is a referent among scientists and researchers who investigate birds, since in this wonderful park there are lots of different species that inhabit it, specially, aquatic birds.

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Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica
Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica
© Roberto Fernández-Morales

Palo Verde National Park is located in the Tempisque river’s lower basin, which is formed by Tempisque River and Bebedero River. Among its different attractions, the Palo Verde Lagoon is the most outstanding one. There, it is possible to observe one of the world’s largest bird settlements. Besides, in the park’s surroundings, it is located the Pájaros Island (Birds Island), which has the largest blue heron nesting settlement of Costa Rica, and is inhabited by endangered bird species, like the curassow and some owls.

All along the more than 92 square miles the park occupies, you can observe a huge variety of vegetal ecosystems which hide true wonders, like incredible mangroves, tropical forests, and meadows; but the most outstanding are its dry tropical forests, one of the few of this type that remains in Costa Rica, and which is protected by the park.

Besides, Palo Verde National Park has a series of paths to hike that lead deep into the park to discover its natural beauty. The most appreciated paths are: La Roca, La Venada, El Pizote, El Mapache, El Guayacán, and La Cantera. Besides, the park has a camping area where you could stay some days in close contact with nature.

Among the different facilities of the park, there are: bathrooms, a meeting room, and a restaurant where it is possible to try Guanacaste’s authentic cuisine. There is also a pier where you can hire a boat to discover the park’s surroundings by an amusing itinerary by its waters.

Palo Verde National Park, in Guanacaste, is undoubtedly a spot that you should visit on your trip to Costa Rica.

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30 miles away from Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

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Everyday from 8 to 16.



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