Electrical plugs in Costa Rica

Get more information on how electrical plugs are, so you can use your electronic devices in Costa Rica

Enchufes en Costa Rica

The common voltage in Costa Rica is 120 V with a voltage frequency of 60 HZ. The kind of voltage used is the same in all the South American countries, USA and Canada, and it is lower than the voltage used in Europe, Africa and most Asian countries  

Nowadays, this is not a problem, because all electronic devices are now multi-voltage. There is one inconvenient, if the voltage in your country is greater, smartphones, tablets or laptops can take more time to charge their batteries.

But there is something more important: the kind of plug needed for your electronic devices must have an A/B plug (two parallel flat plugs or two parallel flat plugs and a third round plug). You must take into account how your country's plugs are, and if they do not match, it is advisable to buy a plug adapter, although in your hotel they can lend you one.

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