Best season to go to Costa Rica

Discover the best time to go to Costa Rica, and plan your travel to spend some great days in this country

Any time of the year is perfect to travel to Costa Rica, but according to your interests, your budget and your personal tastes, may be better one season or another.

Although Costa Rica is not a big country, there are several microclimates that create different weather conditions in less than 31 miles. You must take into account that between May and November, wet season takes place but as it only rains after noon, you can enjoy sunny and warm mornings. It is not common to be raining all day, and dusks are clear .

Dry season takes place between December and April, and weather conditions are better in this Caribbean country, this is a wet area and its temperatures are very high.

Best season to go to Costa Rica
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The northern area of the Pacific coast can be visited the whole year as it is the driest area where it does not usually rain.

In the central area and the capital city, San José, the average temperature is 20ºC. Nevertheless, the best season to visit the north area, the country’s wettest zone, is the dry season.

If you are planning to travel to Costa Rica, you must take into account that the different seasons do affect the travel industry and the price of hotels and touristic equipments:

- High season takes place from December to April, with special influxes during Christmas, New Year and Easter. European tourism is on the rise, due to this increase, now, July and August are considered to be peak seasons too. At this time of the year, although prices are a little bit higher, you must be far-sighted and make an advanced booking.

- Low season takes place in May, June, September, October and November. If you plan your journey in any of these months, it is easy to save money. Moreover, there is not overcrowding, so you can have personalised attention during your stay.

You should also plan the activities you want to practise during your holidays, for example, the wet season is ideal if you are planning to surf as Costa Rican waves are perfect between May and November. If you want to observe marine tortoises, you must take into account that its nesting season is from August to October. In August and December, humpback whales and sperm whales can be observed from the Central Pacific Coast to La Osa Peninsula; pilot whales can be watched the whole year, because they live in tropical waters. For those who prefer the mountain, it is better to visit Costa Rica at the beginning of the wet season when precipitations are not so high .

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